Team Haras Vale do Aretê

Vale do Aretê relies on a multidisciplinary team composed of experienced professionals of sound academic background that is mutually helpful and complementary and whose work is driven by integration and team spirit.

Management and nutrition are under the responsibility of residing Agronomist Leonardo Monzillo de Oliveira, who is present at the Stud Farm on a daily basis; Dr. Vanessa Sipas and their team are in charge of the veterinary clinic and orthopedics; they usually attend Olympic Games to give support to horses from a number of nations.

Reproduction management is under the responsibility of Dra. Andrea Cerri, our resident veterinarian.

Dressage, training and competition are also under the responsibility of Agronomist and dressage trainer André Ganc, who oversees three other riders.

In addition to supervisor and arbitrator of the ABPSL [Brazilian Lusitano Horse Association], André Ganc is an experienced and renowned dressage trainer and competitor.

As a requested professional because of his valuable clinic expertise, André often travels to the USA and Europe to provide his students with support.

Moreover, he is the only Brazilian dressage trainer who was hired to work in Germany, where he lived for one year.

In addition to these experts, a nurse and a horseshoer complement the team that provides services to the Stud Farm's own horses and to those that are boarded for training purposes.


André Ganc


Dra. Vanessa Sipas e
Dra. Andrea Cerri


Leonardo Monzillo de Oliveira


Dr. Cláudio Araújo

Team Haras Vale do Aretê