Our Philosophy

Our philosophy consists of long-term planning and priority to our horses well being.

From our point of view, long-term planning means preventing orthopedic, zootechnical and functional problems even before the foals are born by investing in prophylactic management and correct nutrition ever since pregnancy.

The results of such care will only be perceived throughout time, when our horses are already with their new owners, and that is one of our horse-raising guidelines.

Also in this sense, our foals are trimmed on a monthly basis, ever since their first week of life, and we keep on providing them with such care for as long as they remain with us.

Our herd's well-being is one of our priorities and, in this sense, we group our animals in the field for as long as possible, so as to foster socialization and, contrary to most Lusitano horse breeders, we do not cut the tails of colts and fillies.

Keeping our animals confined is not part of our procedures, either, and that makes us less competitive in the colt categories in morphology contests, but that is a price we gladly pay.

By experiencing daily peaceful contact with our grooms, the foals develop affection toward humans, which results in light, gradual and stress-free dressage, insofar as stress is harmful to the horses future behavior once they become adults.

The entire dressage process is carried out in compliance with the latest horsemanship methods, which is followed by a well-structured, classical and light equitation, however, without failing to be efficient and competitive.

All this careful process is reflected in the results achieved in competition arenas and in the satisfaction of our customers, to whom we can provide support whenever necessary.

Finally, we must say that we are always searching for good owners for our beloved horses.

Philosophy Haras Vale do Aretê