Our History

Our history began in 1978, with the acquisition of the property that made horse lover Dr. Arnaldo J. Ganc's dream come true.

At first, the creation of a crossbred Lusitano allowed for the production of good sport horses, with emphasis on Danton do Aretê (jump category), major winner of trials at the 1.20m class with chronometer, as well as on Gulliver do Aretê, an outstanding horse in endurance tests.

The raising of purebred horses was followed by the first import, already with outstanding horses such as Major Champion Mare Zabala, her daughter, the Champion Filly Faena and her brother Gal'pago, who, in addition to having been awarded titles such as Champion Colt and Grand Champion Stallion, was also the first Lusitano horse to compete in Classical Dressage in Brazil, soon winning relevant titles such as the São Paulo State Champion and Vice-champion in the Brazilian Championship for Young Horses.

A route had been established, which defined our system for selection and choice of Stallions and mares.

As a standard procedure, all the Stallions used in our Stud Farm are assessed and approved by their functional merits before they are introduced into reproductive life, as an attempt to produce functional horses that meet the needs of horsemen in competition and leisure.

The second import brought other outstanding horses, among them the Progeny Champion Estria and Gold Medal Winner Lancelote, in addition to mares that produced major winners such as Laila, Farpa, Falcata and Escopeta, all of them having, in turn, produced winners in morphology or dressage.

Many others succeeded Gal'pago, and Vale do Aretê victorious campaign includes successful horses of its own and of clients and partners who send their horses to be trained and to compete under the saddle of our competition rider André Ganc.

It is worth mentioning in this group our beloved Obtuso and Nirvana Interagro, both successful in Classical Dressage; the Quarteto do Top and Nimbus do Mirante, both of whom were trained by us and had an excellent performance in the USA; Que-Craque, a major winner in Brazil who is currently participating in high-level competitions in Australia; Uruguai do Aretê, who was trained here and won important Dressage contests at the circuit of West Palm Beach; and Herodes do Alentejo, imported, trained and introduced by us, with relevant victories in Brazil and today lives happily in the USA.

The list is long and still growing, but what really matters to us is to be able to say that we really care about all these horses and that we are proud to be a part of their history.

The fact that our focus is the production and training of functional horses does not exclude successfulness in morphology contests, and we must mention mare Querência do Top, who became a Champion of the Champions for FOUR times in Lusitano Exhibitions; her son, Xangô do Aretê, Dressage Champion and always ranking among the first positions in morphology contests; as well as the National Champion Medalhão do Top, among others.

The experience we acquired throughout the last 30 years allows us to lead the way of the Lusitano horse market in Brazil, with a promising campaign of Utopia Imperial, who is already the Brazilian and São Paulo State Champion at only 7 years of age at the Prix S. Jorge, and Inter I and is getting ready for the Grand Prix, or with the promising colts Xangô, Xanxão and Ajax in the youth categories.

We are glad to have horses that have been raised by us competing in four continents, and we expect to keep on growing this way.

History Haras Vale do Aretê